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About Us

Friends of Ringwood Forest (FoRF) is a community driven pressure group run by volunteers. We lead the "No To Purple Haze" campaign which has a growing Interest Group of supporters (3,400+ in December 2013) drawn from numerous UK & International locations - email "JOIN" to . We are governed by a Constitution.


Campaign planning is directed towards achieving the long term aims set out below. Our day to day activities focus in the main, but not exclusively, on sharing information about the most effective means of challenging any bad decisions which could affect our aims. Experience shows that this approach enables people to connect directly with democratic processes, for example - in 2011, 4,100+ comments were submitted concerning Hampshire's Minerals & Waste Plan.


We also comment on Planning Applications relating to Ringwood Forest and nearby locations where access to, and enjoyment of, public open spaces could be considered to be at risk.


Our long term aims are to campaign to:

a) protect the forests and heathland of Hampshire & Dorset, in particular Ringwood Forest and heathland, for the recreational use and amenity of residents and visitors,
b) safeguard these open spaces, their natural ecosystems and the biodiversity they support, and the tranquillity and quality of life they offer particularly to local residents both now and for future generations,
c) protect Ringwood Forest, including its important pockets of heathland, from development including mineral extraction, landfill and any after use that does not restore the fully functional natural ecosystems of the area.


So far -

  • contributed significantly on issues concerning both Blue Haze & Purple Haze in our responses to Hampshire's public consultation on their Minerals & Waste Plan
  • contributed undoubtedly in 2011 to the reversal of Hampshire's plans to extend the landfill site known as Blue Haze located on the B3081 between Verwood and Ringwood.
  • exploited social media and other channels to share news with all supporters & the general public. Have a look at our Newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Twitter - see right hand menu for links.
  • discussed Interest Group concerns with, amongst others, the landowner, site operators, County/DistrictTown Councillors, local authority officers, fellow campaign groups, local legal advisors (pro bono support), the local Chamber of Trade, a lead London law firm (BDB) and international quarry/landfill design & hydrology consultants (GWP).
  • received support for our campaigns from the Woodland Trust, the Open Spaces Society & the RSPB
  • established close working relationships with the Association of Verwood Residents (AVR) and the Verwood Local Action Group (VLAG).
    lobbied successfully at all local government levels to drive improvements to communications about public consultations relating to planning processes










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